Terms and condition when booking with us

1.   On receipt of a request for a quotation AfriFriends undertakes to make the necessary enquiries and issue a provisional travel itinerary indicating route and services as well as a cost for the suggested itinerary. 

2.   Acceptance of such a quotation will indicate an acceptance of these terms and conditions and an agreement to be bound by them. 

3.   On receipt of written acceptance of an AfriFriends Quotation, AfriFriends undertakes to provisionally reserve a place or places and all relevant services for the person or persons indicated on the quotation subject to availability for a period of seven (7) days only within which time AfriFriends requires a non-refundable deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the total quoted price to confirm the booking or the provisional space held will be released. 

4.   AfriFriends will confirm bookings by e-mail specifically headed CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING. When the deposit is received, AfriFriends will issue a receipt to confirm the booking. No other communication from AfriFriends will amount to a booking confirmation.   

 5.   AfriFriends reserves the right to charge a administration fee of up to a maximum of 10% of the quoted tour price for issuing any quotation or itinerary at the sole discretion of AfriFriends.

 6.   While AfriFriends will make all reasonable efforts in good faith to accommodate bona fide changes in travel plans by clients, bookings may be cancelled or altered at the sole discretion of AfriFriends only and may result in forfeiture of any additional monies paid or owing to AfriFriends as well as the imposition of a transfer fee. Cancellations must be made in writing within the time period stated in this AGREEMENT and in the booking confirmation. 

 7.   Cancellations are only effective on receipt by AfriFriends of written notification of cancellation. If cancellation is made prior to eight (8) weeks before departure your deposit is forfeited. If cancellation is made after the due date for full payment of the tour fare, charges will be levied on the amount due and deposit is forfeited. The scale of charges for cancellations expressed as a percentage of the full quoted price is as follows: Less than eight (8) weeks’ notice before departure - deposit plus 25%; Less than four (4) weeks’ notice before departure – deposit plus 50%; Less than three (3) weeks’ notice before departure – deposit plus 60%; Less than two (2) weeks’ notice before departure – 100%; Failure to join a departure or joining after departure or leaving prior to completion of an itinerary will not entitle the person concerned to any refund or reduction in price.  Postponements of confirmed bookings may be treated as cancellations at the option of AfriFriends or AfriFriends may levy a charge of up to 25% of the total price to change a booking subject to availability and price changes.

 8.   Full payment will be due on the date stated in the booking confirmation. AfriFriends reserves the right to charge interest at the statutory rate on late payments.  In the event that a booking is not cancelled within the time stated on the booking confirmation AfriFriends reserves the right to take steps, including at its option legal proceedings, to recover the full amount owing to it as stated in the booking confirmation, including any applicable interest and any costs associated with the recovery of monies in terms of this AGREEMENT.

 9.   On receipt of full payment AfriFriends will issue a receipt for payment and will forward any applicable travel vouchers, itineraries, travel information, visa requirements or other information. AfriFriends will be entitled to proceed on the basis that all information forwarded in terms of this clause has been received, read, understood and accepted. AfriFriends will not be liable for failure to receive any information but will, within reason, forward or re-send all or any information on receipt of a request to do so by a person who has made payment in full in terms of clause 8.

 10.  Baggage is subject to the restrictions contained in the information forwarded by AfriFriends. AfriFriends will not be responsible for any additional costs or damage, loss or consequential losses arising from baggage in excess of the baggage permitted in terms of the restrictions listed in the information supplied by AfriFriends.

 11.  Due to the inherently risky nature of African travel including,          but not limited to, exposure to wild animals, dangerous environments, poor road conditions and risk of disease, AfriFriends and its agents and employees will not be responsible for any losses, accidents or injuries caused to any person or their belongings, howsoever arising, including but not limited to, losses or damage arising from delayed travel plans, cancellations, mechanical breakdowns or failures, road accidents, natural causes or violence or theft by non- AfriFriends employees.

 12.  AfriFriends and its staff, employees and agents will not be held liable in any way for the cost of travel documents and visas required for exit and entry into any countries, nor for ensuring that persons booking and/or traveling with AfriFriends have the necessary documents for entry into any country, nor for any losses, damages or other consequences flowing from a failure to have such documents. In the interest of other guests traveling with AfriFriends, AfriFriends reserves in its sole discretion the right to cancel the remainder of a client’s tour with AfriFriends where a client is unable to gain entry to any country due to failure to obtain, procure or produce the necessary documents.  Such a person will be required to make their own arrangements for further travel from the point of cancellation and AfriFriends will provide reasonable assistance in this regard.

 13.  AfriFriends, its agents and its employees will not be liable for any losses or damages howsoever arising, including any losses or damage incurred as a result of any errors or omissions in any information or brochures supplied by AfriFriends and including loss or damage caused by accident, injury, sickness, delay or death.  AfriFriends reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion to cancel any travel arrangements or the remainder thereof, to make any alterations to travel arrangements including alterations to routes, intended activities, accommodation, prices or in respect of any other detail.  In the event of any travel or part of any travel being rendered inadvisable, impossible, dangerous or illegal, whether by reason of war, strike, famine, natural disaster, civil strife, weather, interference or any other cause, AfriFriends will not be liable for any extra costs incurred as a result thereof. AfriFriends reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion to cancel the booking of any person without liability or cost to itself in the event of the illness of the person or in the event of illegal, irresponsible, dangerous or incompatible conduct on the part of the person and AfriFriends will not be required to refund any monies to such person.

 14.  AfriFriends does not provide insurance cover for cancellation, curtailment, delay, medical expenses, baggage, emergencies or evacuation or insurance of any kind.  AfriFriends recommends the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance prior to undertaking any African travel.

 15.  Any person making a booking or reservation with AfriFriends warrants that they are competent to enter into such a contract and that they have read and understood the terms and conditions governing the contract.  In addition, they warrant that they are authorized to enter into a contract with AfriFriends on behalf of any other persons mentioned in such a booking or reservation.  In the event of the failure of any or all persons mentioned in such a booking or reservation to pay any monies due to AfriFriends or to abide by these terms and conditions. AfriFriends reserves the right to proceed personally against the person whose name appears on the correspondence entered into with AfriFriends and such person agrees to assume personal liability for the total price of all bookings made by him or her and for all costs arising from these terms and conditions.

 16.  AfriFriends reserves the right to make use of any photographs or film taken by AfriFriends’ employees or under its instruction, authorization or sent to AfriFriends without further notice or compensation for any purpose.

 17.  AfriFriends will not be liable for any refund, either in whole or in part, in the event that any planned accommodation or activity or excursion is unavailable or in the event that the quoted or advertised service is unavailable.

 18.  Please note that AfriFriends subcontracts flying services and accommodation, amongst other things, to independent entities and is not itself responsible for any subcontracted functions. The terms and conditions of sub contracted parties will vary from party to party and are not included in this AGREEMENT – if you require the specific terms and conditions of specific sub contractors then please request these from AfriFriends. If any prices incurred through the use of subcontractors increase or where prices are influenced by exchange rate fluctuations, AfriFriends reserves the right to impose a surcharge on the quoted tour price, including where that price has been confirmed in a booking confirmation. 

 19.  These terms and conditions are governed by South African law and all guests agree to be bound by South African law in respect of any dispute arising in terms of this agreement, regardless of the country in which the incident occurred or the facts complained of arose.  Any dispute arising in terms of this agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.