Walking Tour of Downtown Johannesburg

The only one way to be exposed to the vital, edgy energy of this thriving African metropolis of Johannesburg or, as the locals call it; Joburg, Joeys or Jozi, is by walking its streets. Rub shoulders with the people, photograph the art, the architecture, the markets and mesmerising, ever-changing day-to-day existence of this place of migrants and immigrants. 

Come walk with us through the streets of Jozi, founded because of the discovery of gold - literally carved from the depths of the earth in sweat and through lives lost. Gain insight into its past, present and future. Joburg with its rainbow of cultures has a lot to offer the traveller and photographer.

Pubs, Bars and Rooftops of Johannesburg

Experience some of Joburg’s most famous drinking spots - from trendy rooftop bars to underground pubs and historic watering holes. Discover a city that is undergoing a remarkable rebirth, a city that offers much more than you would imagine in terms of trendy bars and entertainment. 

Johannesburg Into Art Tour

Fashion District & Little Addis in Johannesburg

Constitution Hill Johannesburg

Constitutional Hill is home to the Constitutional Court, the protector of all South African basic Rights and Freedom, built around the remaining stairwells of the old awaiting trial prison block for black, coloured and Indian men. It is also the site of Johannesburg’s Old Fort Prison Complex (this was for white men only, Except, Nelson Mandela was the only Black person imprisoned in this section).  Number Four prison is where black, coloured and Indian men were held and brutally punished before democracy in 1994. Many of South Africa’s leading political activists’ such as Mahatma Gandhi, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Joe Slovo, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, infamous murderess Daisy de Melker where detained here. A guided tour of Constitutional Hill is a journey through South Africa’s painful past, but also a celebration of its remarkable transition to Democracy.