Let us drive and guide you on your private journey of discovery.

How it Works

You plan your itinerary with us, we will in consultation with you cost, trim and package your exclusive and unique South African experience.

When you arrive in our country your guide will be there to meet you and together you will start your journey of discovery. With the in-depth information and local perspective of your Guide/Driver, all you have to do is sit back, take photos and enjoy the surroundings. Your Guide knows the routes, the how, where and what-not. He/she will optimize your day to day itinerary according to your requirements and preferences and the time at your disposal. 

Guided journeys are by far the best way to discover a country. Planes and highways take you places but it is the byways that are fascinating. The roads less travelled by visitors are the true custodians of history. Roads that stimulate the imagination, provide fantastic photo opportunities and on occasions, afford the traveller a good laugh or a tearful eye. Routes peppered with incredible stories, unusual relics, remote graves, exciting ruins and interesting little towns and hamlets that afford the traveller special memories and a unique closeness to the people that live here.

Note: Please remember that most areas, places and destination can be combined with others or with further travel, but please also remember that certain destinations just cannot be combined if you have limited time. That of course is why we are here, we will advise, suggest and make it happen so you can optimize your budget and time spent in our scenic and diverse country.    

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