For the love of Wild Places

Started as the dream of one and the passion of the other... two people in tourism, who met on a trip to view the Solar Eclipse in Zambia (21 June 2001) and became friends because of their love of remote and wild places.

We are a Johannesburg based Safari and Tour Operator since 2005. We supply various specialized services to the tourism industry and work successfully with international agents, local operators and directly with international guests planing and guiding extraordinary journeys.

As an owner operated company we offer a highly personal and flexible service. Even though we have been in operation for more than 13 years, we are still a niche company - and will remain owner driven with personalized service to our guests. At the heart of every journey we design, is our love of the wilderness and its animals, which we share as a personal journey of discovery and rediscovery with our guests. 

We work closely with our guests, channeling our passion into sculpting journeys of unforgettable memories and experiences by sharing the beauty and awe of South Africa’s wild places on private guided journeys. Our bookings for guided safaris and tours are mainly word of mouth or repeat guests, through this we are able to build friendships which enlighten all of our lives.

It is important to us that we grow the love and respect of these wild places to the point where all people will simply refuse to let these places, with their abundant wildlife and natural beauty disappear, but that they will remain to be explored by all like minded travelers.

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